Davide Colombo

Davide Colombo is Assistant Professor of the History of Contemporary Art at the University of Milan. He was a Terra Foundation for American Art Fellow in 2014, and has, since 2015, taken part in the research project “Art in Translation: The Reception of US Art in European Art Writing in the Cold Era” (ed. I.B. Whyte and C. Hopkins). Among his recent publications are “Transatlantic Exchanges: Piero Dorazio: Non-Objective Art vs. Abstract Expressionism?,” in Postwar Italian Art History Today. Untying ‘the Knot’ (ed. Sharon Hecker; Marin R. Sullivan; New York, NY: Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2018), and “Unfulfilled Hopes or Misguided Expectations: Peggy Guggenheim and Italian Art,” in Peggy Guggenheim: The Last Dogaressa (eds. Karole P. B. Vail and and Gražina Subelyte; Venezia: Marsilio, 2019).